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The question?

So which one will calm (cure the savage beast in me)? It has to be one that takes me from irritability, impatience, restlessness, and anxiety to a place of calm, tolerance, and serenity.

Keep in mind, aromas are a mood booster. Now, when I stop to think of the power of just a few drops of oil in a diffuser that have the ability to tickle my inner being? …at last my deliverance! LOL

Yes I know, essential oils are just what I need to get that AHHH feeling I need so many times.

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Lavender one of my many loves 🙂 Lavender is a great essential oil mood booster. Effective in the medical treatment of neurological disorders. However, it is currently experimental and clinical studies are showing the effects of lavender with animals and humans. They show that it helps anxiety, stabilizes mood, induces a calm or sleeping effect, gives pain relief, anticonvulsive, and protects nerve cells against damage, degeneration, and impairment.


Truth, Essential oils are classified as food supplements according to the food and drug administration (FDA). The product must state that it is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. There is no evidence that shows the safety of essential oils or the effectiveness for treatment of disease and symptoms outside the mind-body connection.

Essential oils have not been put through the same extensive methods of drug testing that would prove safety and usage that we have put commonly prescribed medicinal drugs through. This is why we don’t have the evidence to back up the usefulness or safety of essential oils. What we do have is the handed down claims of years of people who use them in history and now. Essential oils were once the remedies commonly used to treat disease and ailments throughout our history.

There are all kinds of claims as to how and what essential oils can be used for. There is a limitless supply of ideas and opinions with new scientific investigations and experimentation on the subject.

Recently science has been checking out phytochemicals and how each works in the body. Phytochemicals are nutrients found in essential oils that do not sustain life. They give essentials oils their individual smell and provide the oil with its healing abilities. In one drop of essential oil, there can be hundreds of phytochemicals.

Scientists are starting to find out the use of each phytochemical. One of the phytochemicals in Lavender is called ketones. These ketones stimulate cell regeneration, liquefies mucus and has calming properties. That’s one phytochemical in Lavender out of many other essential oils that have therapeutic properties. All essential oils have their own unique combinations of phytochemicals.

How Do You Use Essential Oils

Some ways to use essential oils to receive their therapeutic benefits are to inhale in hand, from a bottle, from a pendant, a salt bowl, a steam bowl, massage, foot absorption, diffuse, oral ingestion and bath. Not all methods are suggested for all oils. Lavender is one essential oil you can put the oil directly onto your skin.


With the hand inhalation method, you drip a few drops onto your hand. Then you rub your palms together, cup over your mouth and nose and breathe gently at first. After breathing gently, you can then breathe deeply if you desire.

With the inhaling from the bottle method, you hold the bottle at heart level and breathe gently. Then you can move it closer and closer while taking deeper breaths.

You can buy a pendant made for essential oils. You put a drop of the oil into the pendant, then wear the pendant.

When using the salt method, you place 1/4 cup of Epson salts or sea salt flakes in a bowl by your bed, drip 10 to 15 drops of the essential oil you want onto the salt. Salt slows down the evaporation effect of diffusing the oil in order to last through the night.

The steam method is used by putting 1 or 2 drops of essential oil into a bowl of steaming water, placing a towel over your head and then leaning over the bowl to breathe it in. When using this method, always keep your eyes closed. This method is very powerful! Heating essential oils can also lessen the essential oils therapeutic value. If you choose this method you should limit how often you use it because you won’t be receiving the full therapeutic value.

With the diffuse method, you use a diffuser that uses water, air and ultrasonic vibrations to defuse the oil into a fine mist that then permeates the air. This method does not affect the therapeutic value of the essential oil. You can use more than one essential oil at a time with this method. Doing this will help you get the benefits of two or more essential oils at once. They also have diffusers for cars.  Diffusers come in a vast range of prices, but if you are wanting to try this method to use your essential oils, here is an economical diffuser. I know it works well because it’s the one I use. 

You can massage essential oils into your body via massage. Just use care and know the ones that require dilution with a carrier oil. My favorite carrier oil is coconut oil but there are many others. Use one drop of essential oil for every teaspoon of carrier oil or two drops of essential oil to a tablespoon. Keep in mind you want a weaker dilution for kids.

When you use the foot absorption method, you take a few drops of essential oil you are going to use and massage the oil into the bottom of your feet before you go to bed. The reason for this is that the oils are more easily absorbed and work into your bloodstream within a few minutes due to the fact that your feet contain your largest pores.

When taking essential oils internally, it is suggested that it is done at the advice of someone certified like your health practitioner. You need someone who knows which oils are safe to ingest, how much of the essential oil to use, and how frequently you should be using that essential oil.

Last, but not least, to use essential oil in your bath, you drop the essential oil into a warm bath using a few tablespoons of coconut oil or full cream milk to assist the absorption of the essential oil into your skin. This way you are absorbing and breathing in the essential oils. You can also do more than one oil at a time in your bath water. Experiment with the possibilities. You will be delighted!

You can also use essential oils as a perfume instead of using perfumes that are manufactured with possible chemicals and spending high prices. Again, find out which ones that you can use undiluted. You would apply them to your pulse points to absorb the healing properties directly into your body. Pulse points are behind your ear, on your collarbone, and on both sides of your neck.


Keep essential oils out of your eyes. If you do happen to get some in your eyes accidentally, do not flush with water but dilute it quickly with a carrier oil of olive or sweet almond. Yes, it will burn, but will ease in a few minutes.

Check into which essential oils are good for direct use or dilution.

Always test essential oil with a patch test before use.


Essential oils are classified as food by the FDA and treated as such. There are new findings that show the therapeutic values of essential oils. There are many ways to use them to receive their value. All in all, when you use them, use them safely with caution and be informed.

It’s important to know that there are people who have sensitivities to certain products. We have to try to weed out the sensitivities. I have learned many years ago that my children had many sensitivities, one being milk. Can you imagine not using milk on your cereal? That said, you can see that just because one person is sensitive to a product does not mean you will be.

I can not imagine living without essential oils. I have developed my own understanding of essential oils through using them myself. You will have to make your own personal decisions as to what benefits they are for you and how you choose to use them.

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  1. IAnum1 says:

    Hi, many thanks for all these tips on essential oils, its uses and benefits.  It feels good to know that aromas are a mood booster.  Sure, essential oils have been used for treatment of ailments throughout our history, like liquefying mucus and also their calming properties.  This is done through inhaling by steam or diffusing into the air, or massaging into the body.  The caution with which essential oils should be used is noted.  I think one can only tell its benefit by using it on oneself.

    1. Melody says:

      I agree you need to use to  know what you like or not  or what is good for you 🙂 .

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